Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New KFC International Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

New KFC International Structure - Essay Example There are numerous sections in the organization that management may be required such as in the Human Resource department, sales and marketing, research and the financial department. Just as with other organizations, there are major considerations for the successful operations of the organization. In this case, I intend to concentrate on increasing the sales of the firm, improving the customer and staff relations as well as minimizing conflict within the running of the firm (Stacks, 2010, p. 128). In increase, the sales there are a number of aspects that I should look into. Firstly, I have to assess the current market needs, against what KFC offers. The aim of the management in this stage is to create a competitive edge. As management, to increase the sales we have to have a proper marketing and advertising strategy, serve the customers and popularize our products. A SWOT analysis is important at this stage to ensure that all the needs of the business are met. The strengths that KFC has to include reputation, a wide point of sales, and an elaborate distribution system and community acceptance. The weaknesses that the management is to work on include a growing number of competitors, ever increasing costs of products and operational costs (Day and Antonakis, 2012, p. 123), dwindling revenue and an overwhelming pressure against the fried foods that compose a large portion of our menu. The opportunities that are presented to KFC include indulgence of organic and healthy foods, cor poration with other firms in other fields such as airlines and sporting organizers. The major threats to the company are the upcoming restaurant businesses and the tendency of customers avoiding the fast foods. In advertising, the best option to take on currently is the IT geared advertisements. The bulk that is KFC’s target is the youth and the middle-aged persons.  

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